Using TMS Therapy Dallas TX To Achieve Mental Wellness

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy is an excellent, non-invasive treatment option to help patients achieve mental wellness. At Exult Healthcare, we use this innovative therapy to provide you with a unique approach to address the root cause of depression and mood disorders. We help patients experience sustainable, long-lasting relief from symptoms. This way, you can focus on rebuilding your life, overcome depression, and recover in a welcoming environment. If you are a patient seeking long-term relief from depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, or OCD, you should find out more about transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy at your local mental health center. Read on to learn about using TMS therapy Dallas TX to achieve mental wellness.

When Is TMS Therapy Used?

In addition, find out if you are an ideal candidate for TMS therapy Dallas TX. These treatments are an excellent option for patients that have tried antidepressants and experienced limited results or negative side effects. Simultaneously, they may be a preferred option for younger patients, as long as you are above the age of 18. Of course, this is because younger patients are at higher risk of developing adverse side effects to antidepressant medications. Definitely, find out more about when these therapies are used before visiting a TMS treatment center Dallas Texas.

Does TMS Therapy Hurt?

At the same time, you should ask if treatment at your TMS mental health center Dallas Texas will hurt. As a non-invasive, FDA approved treatment, TMS is known to be relatively painless. Any pain you do experience will likely be incredibly minimal, brief, and minor. For example, some patients have reported to feel a slight tingling sensation on their scalp during treatment. In some cases, this triggers slight headaches after treatment is completed. Clearly, find out if TMS therapy Dallas TX will hurt when properly administered.

How Long Does TMS Therapy Last?

Of course, learn more about how long TMS therapy Dallas TX lasts on average. Traditionally, transcranial magnetic stimulation is administered in a series of sessions. Often, a treatment course consists of approximately thirty sessions, which are delivered up to five days a week. With this structure, you can finish your TMS rehabilitation program in a maximum of seven weeks. On average, your symptoms will begin to improve around completion of the fifteenth session. As for each session, you can expect to spend approximately 45 minutes. Definitely, find out more about how long TMS therapy sessions Dallas TX often last.

Are There Any Side Effects?

As with any treatment, you may be concerned about the side effects of TMS therapy Dallas TX. Fortunately, the only reported side effects of transcranial magnetic stimulation are incredibly minimal. For example, some patients experience mild scalp discomfort due to the placement of the electromagnetic coil. This is typically incredibly brief and can be quickly minimized by magnetic pulse adjusting. This way, you can achieve mental health wellness in a comfortable, pain-free environment. Absolutely, find out if there are any potential side effects related to TMS therapy Dallas TX.

How To Get Started With TMS?

At this point, it is time to find out how to get started with TMS therapy Dallas TX. Start off by scheduling a free 15 minute confidential phone screen to find out about mental health programs in your area. During your virtual consultation, ask any questions or raise any concerns you have regarding TMS rehabilitation. For example, you may want to find out more about results, who can do it, and what you should expect during each treatment. Certainly, find out how to get started with transcranial magnetic stimulation in Dallas Texas.

TMS therapy is a great brain stimulation treatment option that helps patients achieve mental wellness. First off, find out exactly how TMS therapy works at your integrated behavioral wellness center Texas. In addition, find out when us TMS therapy used. Now, you are ready to find out if your treatment will be covered by insurance. Then, find out if TMS may potentially hurt. As with any other treatment, you may want to also ask if there are any potential side effects related to TMS. At this point, find out how to get started with this innovative approach to treatment. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about using TMS therapy Dallas TX to achieve mental wellness.