8 Helpful Tips to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

by exulthealth

8 Helpful Tips to Adjust to Daylight Savings Time

by exulthealth

by exulthealth

Getting a good nights rest is essential to our mental health. Between 7 and 8 hours of rest, a night can strengthen our immune system, helps us manage stress, and give us the ability to make better decisions. Because of how important sleep is, it is important to make sure we are getting the right amount.  On March 10th at 2:00 am, we will be losing an hour of sleep. To be prepared for this transition, practice these eight helpful tips:

1. A week before the time change, go to sleep 15 minutes earlier than you would normally. Going to sleep 15 earlier will help you wake up earlier.

2. Don’t be afraid to take a small nap. If you wake up at your regular time on March 10th, and you feel sleepy throughout the day, do not be afraid to take a small, 20-minute nap to help feel refreshed.

3. Understand your body and learn how much sleep you need. Some people operate fine after 7 hours of sleep, and some people don’t feel well rested until they reach 8.5 hours. There is no wrong answer,  as long as you understand what your body needs.

4. Exercise throughout the day. The act of exercising will boost your energy throughout the day and has been shown to help you sleep better at bedtime.

5. Stop drinking caffeine by 3:00 in the afternoon. Caffeine is considered a stimulate and depending on the person, can remain in your system up to six hours after consuming it.

6. Avoid heavy meals and decadent snacks right before bedtime. Heavy meals and sweets may be filled with sugars that make it challenging to fall asleep. Heavy meals can also lead to indigestion, which can be disruptive at bedtime.

7. Create a relaxing bedtime routine. This can be taking a warm bath, enjoying a cup of herbal tea before bed or doing some light stretching.

8. If you are not able to sleep, get up after about 30 minutes. Trying to force yourself to fall asleep can stressful. If you are having trouble falling asleep, get out bed and maybe grab a glass of water.


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Written by Aly Bowles – Social Media Coordinator

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