Why Should You Start TMS Therapy Frisco TX With A Mental Health Specialist?

There’s so many important reasons to begin TMS therapy Frisco Texas with a licensed mental health specialist. Since 2008, transcranial magnetic stimulation has been FDA-cleared as an effective treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD). While it may be lesser known than traditional “talk” therapy, antidepressants, or medication management McKinney TX, these modalities are certainly becoming more popular for patients suffering from a broad range of mental health conditions. As a current patient yourself, TMS therapy may be the perfect treatment to help you achieve, sustain, and live a depression-free lifestyle. To help you kickstart your recovery, read on to learn why you should start TMS therapy Frisco TX with a mental health specialist.

Long-Term Mental Health Results

TMS therapy Frisco TX is different from most other medication-based treatments since it traditionally enables long-term mental health results. In fact, you can expect treatment results to last long after your therapy is completed. This is drastically different than medications, where continued use is generally implied. In a majority of cases, TMS can show significant mental health benefits for up to twelve months after initial treatment. Since these therapies are known to have an especially high success rate, these potential benefits can even last substantially longer. Certainly, long-term mental health results are definitely a great reason to begin TMS therapy Frisco Texas.

Promote Mental Health Rehabilitation

Of course, TMS therapy Frisco TX is the perfect treatment to promote your personal mental health rehabilitation. After all, transcranial magnetic stimulation can be useful for a broad spectrum of mental health conditions. Most commonly, TMS is used to address anxiety and stress management in Texas. This is because anxiety can often be attributed to overstimulated nerve cell activity, which generally occurs in the prefrontal cortex. TMS procedures can effectively lower the activity that is occurring in this region. Aside from this, TMS therapy is also helpful for PTSD, OCD, or schizophrenia. Some mental health facilities even recommend these therapies to aid in Parkinson’s disease or stroke rehabilitation. Surely, you should speak with a knowledgeable TMS therapy specialist Frisco TX to promote your mental health rehabilitation.

Limited Side Effects

Plus, TMS therapy Frisco is often well-tolerated with minimal adverse side effects or consequences. In rare cases, patients will experience a slight headache or slight pain near the site of stimulation. Other than that, there aren’t too many widely known side effect implications. Compared to antidepressant medications, these are incredibly minimal. After all, many medications are known to cause nausea, dizziness, insomnia, or weight gain. If you are concerned about any side effects resulting from treatment, you may want to reach out to your Frisco TX psychiatrist. These licensed specialists can provide you all the answers needed for a swift recovery. Indeed, you can receive TMS therapy treatments Frisco with limited side effects.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Additionally, TMS therapy Frisco can be administered with minimally invasive treatments. Unlike many other depression therapies, you do not need to be put under anesthesia to receive treatment. Instead, your psychiatrist will place a comfortable helmet containing electromagnetic coils over your head. During the session, you’ll feel a faint tapping sensation, as well as a similar noise. After the session, you can get right back to your daily routine. This means you can go back to work, meet up with friends, or go home to family. Plus, you won’t need anybody to drive you to therapy every week. Absolutely, minimally invasive TMS therapy Frisco TX is a great recovery option for patients suffering from all sorts of conditions.

Covered By Insurance

When it comes to TMS therapy in Frisco Texas, many patients are fairly overwhelmed about the potential costs. Thankfully, almost all health insurance providers recognize transcranial magnetic stimulation as a medical necessity. This is a major plus of TMS therapy, especially when compared to traditionally non-covered mental health treatments. In some cases, insurance companies will have demanding requirements, specifications, and criteria for coverage. However, you can likely receive support if you are suffering from a serious issue that medications and talk therapy have failed to help. Definitely, speak with your TMS therapist Frisco TX about insurance coverage options.

There is so many great reasons to get started with TMS therapy in Frisco Texas. First off, you should begin these treatments to leverage long-term mental health results. Of course, these treatments are known to effectively promote your mental health rehabilitation. Plus, deep BrainsWay TMS therapy Texas is known to provide direct results with minimal side effects. Additionally, these therapies can be administered through minimally invasive treatments. Even more, you can access TMS therapy with coverage from your insurance provider. Follow the points highlighted above to learn why you should start TMS therapy Frisco TX with a mental health specialist.