NeuroStar Vs BrainsWay TMS Therapy In Texas: Which Is Better?

There are several factors to carefully look at when comparing NeuroStar vs BrainsWay TMS therapy options in Texas. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation has proven to be an incredible breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from major depression, severe anxiety, or other mental health conditions. When it comes to TMS mental health treatments, patients typically have a choice between two popular options, NeuroStar and Brainsway. If you are considering state-of-the-art mental health treatments, you should consider the distinct advantages and differences of these therapeutic solutions. To help you begin your recovery, read on to learn about NeuroStar vs BrainsWay TMS therapy in Texas and find out which is better.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy Solutions

First and foremost, you should get a better understanding of NeuroStar TMS therapy solutions in Texas. NeuroStar was the first TMS machine to be created and approved by the FDA. This is a high-quality machine, which has a great deal of industry recognition and support. Of course, NeuroStar is widely used to administer Surface TMS treatments. Essentially, this means that they only stimulate the brain’s outer cortex. In addition, NeuroStar machinery can be used for Repetitive TMS or rTMS treatments. Of course, these involve using more than one pulse in a given session. With this distinction, NeuroStar was the first machine for both Surface and rTMS mental health therapies. Certainly, NeuroStar TMS therapy in Texas is a popular solution to address your mental health.

BrainsWay And Deep TMS Therapy

In addition, familiarize yourself with deep BrainsWay TMS therapy in Texas. BrainsWay created the second TMS machine to be approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). These advanced stimulators are widely-associated with deep TMS therapy. Essentially, this involves reaching deeper brain structures. Of course, deep transcranial magnetic stimulation procedures are a major advancement from the standard NeuroStar treatments. In fact, BrainsWay’s machinery has even been known to properly regulate and stabilize neural activity. Naturally, this is highly-effective in relieving adverse side effects and properly treating severe mental health conditions. Surely, learn more about BrainsWay deep TMS therapy Texas to begin treatment with an experienced psychiatrist.

Which Treatment Is Best?

With a better understanding and background, you may be wondering if BrainsWay or NeuroStar TMS therapy Texas is a better option for you. According to recent figures, BrainsWay procedures have demonstrated an extremely high remission rate. Simultaneously, their equipment is smaller and more portable. This way, mental health practitioners can effectively administer TMS procedures in different rooms or locations throughout the facility. Plus, these highly-effective treatments are known to be significantly quicker. In many cases, treatments only last twenty minutes, for up to six weeks. Absolutely, consider what treatment is best when comparing NeuroStar vs BrainsWay for severe anxiety and depression in Texas.

Where To Go For TMS Therapy

Now, you are ready to discover nearby locations for NeuroStar or BrainsWay therapy in Texas. Fortunately, you can find top-quality, highly-effective TMS treatments right at your local mental health facility in Texas. These locations can effectively serve patients in Collin County, Grayson County, Cooke County, and Fanin County. Once you are ready to start your mental health journey, schedule a free fifteen minute phone screen. This way, you can determine if deep BrainsWay TMS programs are right for you. Definitely, consider where you can go for NeuroStar or BrainsWay TMS therapy in Texas.

What To Expect From Your First TMS Appointment

At this point, it is time to think about what to expect from your first NeuroStar or BrainsWay TMS therapy appointment in Texas. During your first TMS session, you will sit comfortably in a chair for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Once you get situated, a cooled, cushioned, and comforting helmet will be strapped on. Then, the advanced TMS equipment will deliver controlled, mild magnetic stimulation to the target areas of your brain. During this process, you may hear a tapping sound or clicking sensation throughout the helmet. After the session is finished, you can return to normal activities. Indeed, consider what to expect during your very first NeuroStar or BrainsWay TMS treatment in Texas.

There are several key elements to analyze when comparing NeuroStar vs BrainsWay TMS therapy options in TX. First off, familiarize yourself with NeuroStar TMS treatments Sherman TX. In addition, find out more about BrainsWay stimulators and deep TMS therapy. With this better understanding and background, consider what treatment is best for your mental health needs. Now, you are ready to find nearby locations to go for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy. At this point, think about what to expect from your very first TMS appointment. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about NeuroStar vs BrainsWay TMS therapy in Texas and find out which is better.