Did you know May is National Maternal Depression Month?

National Maternal Depression is recognized in the month of May to bring awareness to maternal mental health disorders.  Postpartum depression is a well-known mood disorder that affects mothers after childbirth.  Postpartum depression occurs more often than one would imagine and is often unrecognized or diagnosed.  When a mother is suffering from postpartum depression, she may experience significant symptoms related to crying, sadness, insomnia, loss of energy, withdrawn, unable to bond with the by, thoughts of harming self and/or baby, and an inability to care herself and/or the child.

Postpartum depression can affect any woman who has given birth to a child.  Although some women are more prone to suffer from postpartum depression than others based upon certain risk factors.  Postpartum depression is a treatable condition that requires diagnosing by healthcare provider.  If left untreated, postpartum depression can have an enduring effect on the physical and mental health of the mother.

If someone you know may be suffering from postpartum depression, encourage them to seek medical attention immediately.  Provide support to the mother and child; while offering assistance when the mother needs it.